Links! To fun and random or maybe helpful sites! Links!

Helpful Sites

000WebHost - This is the site that hosts my website! It's very easy to use and has a friendly administration. Try it out if you want to make a webpage too! There's lots of different styles.

eSnips - A great free download hosting site that I use for everything.

ImageShack - A very useful image hosting site. The images here never seem to break.


Cave Story Tribute Site - A great place for all information and downloads Cave Story-related!

The Daily Click - a game and program showcasing website that has a large library of game reviews and has a friendly community. I've found out about some of my favorite games from here!

Marathon Spoiler Guide - The place to get help for many, many Marathon scenarios. I couldn't have gotten as far as I could stand in the ridiculously difficult Marathon Rubicon without it!

Top Hat Willy Appreciation Page - A helpful site regarding my old favorite Top Hat Willy. Has a large map and tells how to set it up on an Amiga Emulator. Also, the author of this site has some quite neat stories about his life in a shabby apartment in a section of the webpage entitled "One Twelve." He would make a good author.


Blitwise forum - The forum of the makers of Pocket Tanks. I really like the community here; they're fun to be around.

Nifflas forum - The forum of Nifflas, renowned indie game creator. Everyone here is really creative, and there's lots of fresh material for Knytt Stories to download.

Wonderland forum - I used to be a regular here. Go here if you want to get help or download lots of levels for Wonderland.


Copper - A delightfully drawn, pleasant and contemplative comic about a boy and his dog, and their daydream-like adventures.

Indexed - A clever series composed of graphs on index cards.

XKCD - A great webcomic about "romance, sarcasm, math, and language." It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I read it faithfully.


Cell7 - Music/Games - This is a part of the site of the guy who made Seiklus. I love the chiptunes he hosts, and his games area is what inspired mine. - A long running, very odd cartoon website of some sort. Has lots of memorable videos - I like the "Strong bad emails" a lot myself. - a.k.a. "crazy picture page" according to me and my sister, this site is just a list of cute and/or insane combinations of pictures and music, often chiptunes. I linked to my personal favorite.