This is music I've made in OrgMaker 2.0.5, an updated version of the program that Studio Pixel used to write the music for Cave Story.

To download OrgMaker 2.0.5, click here.

Here's the listing of my music tracks so far, in chronological order, each in .org format (plays in OrgMaker, where you can see the arrangement). If you want them in .mp3 format, there's a link at the bottom. Keep in mind that the .mp3's are of slightly less quality, and have no left-right speaker alignment.

-=Individual Songs=-

Blue Cloud
The first song made in OrgMaker that I consider to be "complete." Kind of melancholic. (0:37)

This song shows my love of layering. A bit ominous. Really builds up near the end. (1:47)

Luminous Spines

This is one of my longer songs. The first song in which I implemented volume shifting and left-right stereo panning. It's somewhat peaceful, but also it turned out to be more... epic than I had first invisioned. (2:18)

Lemon Intensity
This was originally intended to sound like some kind of boss tune, but it got kind of crazy in its own way. I don't mind how it turned out, though. (1:23)

I'm rather proud of this one. :) I thought of the tune while walking home from school. It's melody is peaceful, but also dramatic. (1:51)

Mischievous Resonance
This one is at a much faster pace than my previous songs. It's kind of wacky and could probably serve as some kind of boss tune. (1:29)

Bleep Orchestra
I like the way this song turned out. It has a little beat that's always diverging from its base counterpart. Pretty Methodic. (1:26)

Minor Swift
I really like minor tones, and this song has a lot of them, layered over each other. For some reason I think some of the tunes would sound especially good I could somehow implement organ instrument. (1:14)

This song is more complicated than some of the others in terms of its melodies differing between parts of the song. It's quite melancholic. (1:18)

Electric Darkness
This was my attempt at making something somewhat atmospheric in OrgMaker. I think, for the most part, it turned out alright. (1:46)

Rust to Dust
While fooling around on my keyboard, I made the basic tune for this one. I spent a lot of time working on the drums on this song. I think it turned out quite well; definitely one of my better songs.

Download all my songs, in .mp3 format
Note: there is no mp3 version of Rust to Dust. This is because, for some reason, the song wouldn't record without an incredible amount of distortion. Unfortunately it is one of my better OrgMaker songs, sorry about that.