Here are some of my favorite games, for which I feel (or will in the future) much nostalgia! I'll be reviewing and remembering. They're games that I will never forget.

Sorted by Name.


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Aveyond Series (PC) ___Aveyond 1 & 2 are most definitely the best RPG's I have played on the PC.  They are what can be only described as magical.  When I first played Aveyond, I remember being overtaken by how beautiful it was.  I hadn't known games like this existed, especially not for the PC.  The music was tremendously good and the pixeled graphics were gorgeous for the style they were trying to emulate - that of an old style RPG.  I loved the nature settings in Aveyond, the battles, and the storyline - basically everything about it. 
___You can imagine my surprise when I came across Aveyond 2!  The sequel basically took everything that was good about the original game, and made it better.  There were tons of little quirks about the game that I loved, especially in the characters.  I won't give anything away about either of the games, they need to be experienced firsthand.  Aveyond 1 & 2 will always have a nostalgic place in my mind.
Aveyond Screenie

Aveyond 2 Screenie
- Both games are shareware, you have an hour trial period.
Aveyond Page
Aveyond 2 Page
Bomberman Hero (N64) ___I always liked this Bomberman game better than the more well-known Bomberman 64. The latter was nice, but I felt that Bomberman Hero had more charm. The 3D game had you jumping around and exploring different worlds, collecting gems, with neat Techno music in the background. There were many different areas to wander around in, and lots of bosses, my favorite of which was Nitros, a blue, suave nemesis to Bomberman. The game's ending wasn't very satisfying, but the gameplay was enjoyable, and the game was memorable as a whole. Bomberman Hero screenie
Cave Story (Mac/PC)
___ Cave Story is, by now, an indie classic. Made by Studio Pixel, it's an expansive, pixely platformer with lots of character (and great characters to boot!). Lots of fun to play through, and it has multiple endings. I myself have never succeeded in beating the secret ending.
___ After Within a Deep Forest, this is one of the first great indie games I've played. I have lots of great memories of it.
Cave Story Screenie
Download from Cave Story Tribute Site
Chzo Mythos (PC) ___Point and Click Adventure Games were never really of interest to me, until I played this series, also known as the John DeFoe series.  There are 4 games in the series, being (in order), 5 Days a Stranger, 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes, and 6 Days a Sacrifice.  They are all quite enthralling, mainly because of how freakin' creepy they are. 
___ The first game starts out innocently enough; the "gentleman thief" Trilby breaks into a recently abandoned mansion after the residents have died, and plans to make off with some family treasures.  However, he meets other people in the house, and finds out that they are all stuck there.  At that is only the beginning of a chilling saga of science and the supernatural, that spans the centuries and 4 games.  I wouldn't give anything away; the novelty of each must be experienced to really sink in.  The Chzo Mythos is a must-play horror series.
5das screenie

Tnotes screenie
The series is free, and the creator has recently released
the "special editions" of each as freeware, as well. 
I would recommend just downloading the originals though, and saving the special editions for 2nd playthroughs.
Download each game in the series here
Contra Hard Corps (Sega Genesis) ___ I remember when I was little I thought that Contra Hard Corps was the hardest game in the world. As in literally world-record breaking. I could never get very far in it back then. The bosses were too difficult for me.
___ Over the years though, I got progressively better at Contra Hard Corps. The bosses were great fun to beat, and with the many weapons and character variation in the game it had a high replayability. I've since beaten every ending (there are 5, counting the secret ending). What a classic shooter!
Contra Hard Corps Screenie
Doom 1 & 2 (Mac/PC/ Most home consoles) ___Ah, Doom. My dad had a small collection of FPS games that scared me. He had demos of Quake and Half-Life, and then there was Doom. Considered to be the first majorly successful first-person shooter, Doom sported large, complex, and hellishly creepy (no kidding) levels, with horrible monsters that made me want to crawl under the covers and hide. The fear factor is what made it so great. I would creep around corners and freak out at big dark places where I knew some wall was secretly going to open behind me.
___I'd played the original Doom
when I was younger, but hadn't gotten the chance to play the second one until recently. Let me just say, it was everything that the old one was, except better. More monsters, more weapons, a more involving story... and it still kept the same simple graphic style which I loved. Oh, and the soundtrack was freakin' awesome.
___Doom was great fun...
Doom screenie

Doom 2 Screenie
Download ZDoom - you'll probably need this
to play the Doom games on your PC.

A download for Doom
Download Doom 2
Hero Core
___I found out about this little gem by watching a Let's Play by deceasedcrab (love that guy) on YouTube.  Hero Core is a retro-styled adventure/action game where you must navigate a treacherous robotic base to defeat an ancient war machine.  By retro-styled, I mean it has only black and white graphics.  But believe me, this game is the epitome of "bad graphics doesn't mean a bad game" - Hero Core has more replayability than any other small game I've discovered this year.  10+ unique, challenging bosses, multiple diffulty modes with different map layouts (VERY refreshing), and a killer 8bit soundtrack make this a game to come back to over and over again - and I'm sure I will.  (the only thing I have left to beat is the boss rush!) Hero Core screenie 2
Hero Core Screenie
Hero Core page