This is music I've made in FL Studio 8. It's completely more complicated a music program than OrgMaker (anything is, really), but it has so many more options.

Click here to get FL Studio 8.

Here are the songs I've made so far with FL Studio. They're in chronological order. There's a link at the bottom for a mass download. I can't seem to upload mp3's singularly on eSnips for some reason - what is supposed to be a download page is only somewhere where you can listen to them... oh well, I'll link to that.

-=Individual Songs=-

Space Onion
I started this by messing around after seeing a YouTube video of how to make a song in FL Studio. However, the results were good; the song turned out quite well! I named the song this because it sounds space-y and because the main instrument used the whole time is called "OnionString."


Dark Chimes
Named for the sound of the instruments that start off the music, this song is quiet and, I think, pretty creepy.


Tech No Berserk
My attempt at some kind of crazy techno-ish tune. The name is pretty self-explanetory. I figured out how to do note "sliding" while working on this one, so there is a mini, crazy "guitar" sliding solo near the end.


Black Star Nova
This song was pretty heavily inspired by my chiptune favorite "Eclipse" by 4-mat (find that song
here). Some of it is creepy, some of it peaceful, and a lot of it is echoes!

-=Mass Downloading=-